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7.62 HardLife addon This encyclopedia of user modification HardLife (hard life) to the tactical strategy "7.62". Anyone, even an unregistered participant can contribute in any article, or create a new one. Notes on editing this wiki.


Passage Kit Gameplay
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  • Vehicles
  • Trading
  • Vehicles
  • Talk: Commerce
Comment: As I recall, the maximum price for a brew of Olvidada give the guerrillas.
  • RPK-74M (5.45h39 mm)
Description of the changes: Correct spelling errors
  • Talk: Commerce
Comment: Alfredo Balboa (huckster) buying drugs in bags
  • Trading
  • Passage

Komrad at 7.62 HF low-quality, "full of" passing. I propose to build on the video, which has already filled this wiki.

  • Vehicles
  • Current game level (CGL)
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